Hurricane IRMA info

Information for Florida Evacuees

To let loved ones know you’re safe or to check on friends and family go to Contact and Locate Loved Ones

Experience stress related to your evacuation: Text TALKWITHUS to 66746

For Non-Shelter Services or to Volunteer/Donate please text the word IRMA to 898211 , wait for the response and enter your location zip code.

Severe Thunderstorm Damage in Opelika on February 7 2017. Thank you, Opelika Police and Fire for everything you do to keep our community safe!

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Lainey GillenMy concern is why are we posting this so late, it only happened 7 months ago- almost 8 for petes sake

16 hours ago

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Greg PattersonWe had a good bit of damage on 146 (Moores Mill).. Funny how it has been looked over and nothing said about it..

7 months ago   ·  2

Sandy PounceySame thing with Castone not a mile from this spot on Old Columbus Road....

7 months ago   ·  1

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