Volunteer Fire Departments

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To view the Lee County VFD disctrict map, please click on the image above. Please note this map is not exactly drawn to scale, nor does it precisely lay out each department's border. It is meant to serve as a guide. Please contact the Lee County E-911 office (334-749-6091) if you have a question about your fire district.
Of the 616 square miles in Lee County, roughly 496 square miles is protected by Volunteers. At the Lee County EMA, we work with and depend heavily on the Fire Departments that service the unincorporated areas of Lee County, as well as the Smiths Station area. Because of this fact, we want to ensure our citizens know who they are, how important they are, and most importantly, how you can get involved. With Volunteer Fire Departments, the people you depend on in an emergency can literally be your next door neighbor. We encourage you to visit your VFD, and see how you can get involved in helping your community and your neighbors. On this page, you’ll find important information on the Fire Department that services your area, as well as the rest of the departments that service the county. Some links may lead to a Facebook page, however having an account with Facebook is not required to view the information. This image may not be drawn exactly to scale or size, but is fairly accurate to the jurisdictions of each department.

Beauregard Fire District

Chief Mike Holden

District Size: 123 square miles

Established: May 1978

Unit Numbers: 200

Average Call Volume:

70 calls for service per month

Headquarters Fire Station:

7450 AL Hwy 51

Phone Number: 334-749-2318

Email: BVFD200@bellsouth.net

Webpage: www.facebook.com/BeauregardFire

Beulah Fire District

Chief Keith Padgett

District Size:  78 square miles

Established: August 1975

Unit Numbers: 600

Average Call Volume: 100 calls for service per month

Headquarters Fire Station: 5350 Lee Rd 270

Phone Number: 334-742-0090

Email: BeulahFireDistrict@gmail.com

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/Beulah-Fire-District-596513450379912/?fref=ts

Farmville Fire District

Chief Carson Stroud

District Size:90 square miles

Established: 1989

Unit Numbers: 800

Average Call Volume: 12 calls for service per month

Headquarters Fire Station: 7649 US Hwy 280 W

Phone Number: 334-821-0011

Email: Farmvillefireandrescue@gmail.com

Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/farmvillefireandrescue

Salem Fire District

Chief Cecil Rogers

District Size: 115 square miles

Established: 1971

Unit Numbers: 500

Average Call Volume: 40 calls for service per month

Headquarters Fire Station: 8703 US Hwy 280 E

Phone Number: 334-707-3426

Email: bradleybowen547@gmail.com

Webpage: www.facebook.com/Salem-Volunteer-Fire-Department-155312057837448

Smiths Station Fire District

Chief Joe Walden

District Size: 76 square miles

Established: September 1966

Unit Numbers: 100

Average Call Volume: 163 calls for service per month

Headquarters Fire Station: 50 Lee Rd 430

Phone Number: 334-297-7151

Email: help@post.office.smithsfire.org

Webpage: www.facebook.com/smithsfire

Southwest Fire District

Chief John Konstant

District Size: 52 square miles

Established: 1973

Unit Numbers: 700

Average Call Volume: 33 calls for service per month

Headquarters Fire Station: 2176 Lee Rd 137

Phone Number: 334-887-8550

Email: jkonstantswfd@gmail.com

Webpage: www.facebook.com/SWFDLeecounty

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