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Hazard Mitigation grant funds are typically made available to a county 12 to 18 months after a federal declaration in that jurisdiction. The amount of the grant award is directly tied to the monetary amount of the disaster claim. Once Lee County is notified of the grant award, then projects listed in the state and FEMA approved  Lee County Hazard Mitigation Plan are deemed eligible projects. 

Storm Shelter Information

If you would like to be placed on a list to be contacted when hazard mitigation funds are available for public use, please fill out the form below.  Additionally, you’ll need to begin collecting the following information to be used in your application:

  • TOPO map (this can be obtained free of charge from NRCS (334) 887-4500
  • Complete itemized estimate of proposed project
  • Proof of ownership of property (copy of deed or property tax receipt)
  • Photos of proposed site for project
  • Copy of photo ID of property owner.
  • Contact phone number, address and email address as well.

It is imperative that FEMA-320 standards are used when building or installing a safe room/shelter. FEMA-320 guidance can be found online ema.alabama.gov by following the preparedness link to the hazard mitigation link.

Storm Shelter Information & Waiting List

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