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The Lee County EMA, along with our public safety partners, employ a number of methods to notify the public.  Below is a slider of the different notification tools we utilize in getting emergency information out to you. 

Emergency Notification Resources for Lee County

  • NOAA Weather Radio

    NOAA weather radios are still one of the most consistent means of emergency information gathering. Not only do they provide critical weather data, specified to your county, but we can also activate them to provide other pertinent information such as emergency road closures, civil disturbance info or other information the public needs to know.
  • Lee County EMA App for your Smart Phone on Andriod or Apple

    The Lee County EMA has developed a smart phone app to help bring pertinent information to our citizens. This app not only provides a live data stream of the NOAA weather radio, but also has other great information and tools like the “Where Am I?” feature, which allows users to quickly see their location on a map that includes Latitude/Longitude and closest address, and you can send that information via text, social media or email. Additionally, we have a reporting feature which allows citizens to send us important information on storm damage, power outages or other situations which may be useful for us to be aware of.
  • Alabama Saf-T-Net

    The State of Alabama has partnered with Baron Weather Services to provide this great resource, free of charge, to all Alabama residents and guests. You can sign up on their webpage to begin receiving customized weather alerts for your home, workplace or other locations, and while it is optimized with the use of a smart phone, it will still make notifications to you without one.
  • Outdoor Weather Sirens

    Outdoor Weather Sirens

    While technically a technology of the 1950’s, theses outdoor warning sirens are still a tool in the toolbox for mass notifications for those within about a mile and a half radius who are outdoors. Our sirens operate off of an automated polygon warning system.
  • Social Media

    Social media has quickly grown into our easiest and most useful mass notification tools. We are able to reach tens of thousands of people within a matter of seconds. Please ‘Like’ our page on Facebook and subscribe to our Twitter feed.
  • Tone Alert Radios

    Tone Alert Radios

    While these devices are limited to mainly schools, governmental offices and 911 centers, they offer a way for our office to talk directly to the citizens with information about an emergency situation. These devices, however, are being phased out due to more cost effective and efficient means of mass communications.
  • Local News

    Local News

    Our local news, including radio, print and TV, are all great resources for you to utilize during emergency situations. Above are some of the local logos of our media partners.
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