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Disaster Assistance

The Lee County EMA Staff, along with our partner organizations and first responders, make every effort to minimize the impact of a disaster situation.  Unfortunately, disaster situations will still happen, and not every event will become a Presidential Declared Disaster.  When this happens, it is up to the community to help each other recover from the event.  Because Lee County is resilient, we have many resources available to ensure our neighbors are taken care of.  

In addition to city, county and state resources which will be utilized to help during the recovery process, citizens are encouraged to utilize non-government resources to help get back on their feet.  The Lee County Emergency Preparedness Coalition is the primary resource our office pools together for community response and recovery.  Many businesses, both for-profit and non-profit, civic organizations and faith-based communities comprise this coalition.

Finally, we encourage everyone to utilize the United Way’s 2-1-1 system.  2-1-1 was set up as a “Call for help; Call to give help” all-in-one system.  If you need assistance (ie trees cut down/removed, clear debris, tarp your roof, etc), you may call 2-1-1, provide them with a little information, and they will do their best to match up resources available to assist you.  Additionally, if you have resources you are willing and able to provide, you should also call 2-1-1, provide them with some basic information, and they will attempt to match your resources to someone in need.
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